Sandwell Zgambo

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Sandwell Zgambo Family – 2021

Founding Member (April 2016)

Chongwe, Lusaka Zambia

Bio Bullets:

  • Married with two children.
  • Founded Christ Heart transforming ministries Intl
  • Chairman of ZMP-Zambia board.
  • Graduated with an MDiv from Moody Theological Seminary.
  • Deputy Vice Chancellor at Ambassador International University.

Why I serve on ZMP:

I felt the call to be a minister when I was ten. During my high school I felt the need to start an organization that would help the orphans and the vulnerable children in Zambia. The yearning was motivated by my experience as an orphan.  Growing up without parents, I went through a lot of pain that I see a lot of orphans still go through today. Many orphans have no opportunity to eat or go to school. Others do not even have a home to sleep in. Children including orphans are the future of every nation. My desire is to inspire Hope and Courage in the lives of these children. Angels rejoice in heaven when one soul gets saved, In the same way I rejoice when one orphan is helped by ZMP.

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