Luka Simuyemba

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Luka Simuyemba Family – 2021

Member Since: June 2016

Currently From: Chongwe Zambia

ln 1996 God started speaking to me through men who were preaching the gospel and I also watched the Jesus Film. I was being challenged that I was a sinner, but I was not sure of how sinful I was. One day I got the my small Gideon Bible and I opened it in Galatians 5:19-23 which speaks about fruit of the flesh and fruit of Holy Spirit. From there I saw myself I was living in the flesh. Thus now I saw myself as a sinner. I prayed a sinner’s prayer of asking forgiveness from Christ. After some period of days, my life changed in the way I was living with people. I started seeing that the meaning of life is living in obedience to God’s revealed word found in the Bible.


My passion in this ministry (ZMP) is that I love seeing children being helped in many areas of their lives. I want to see them nurtured in God’s word and growing in relation with God’s word. I also want the people in the community were the Center is located to hear and learn about Jesus Christ and accept Him in their lives.

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