Isaac Mwanza

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Isaac Mwanza Family – 2021

Member Since: June 2016

My reason for serving with ZMP is that it is a privilege for me to serve God by serving the orphans and the vulnerable children. I was once an orphan and I know that it is God’s concern to take care of orphans and it should be our concern too.

Before I received eternal life, I loved pleasure such as drinking and gambling. Although I was brought up in a church-going catholic family, this had not given me an answer as to why I should stop drinking because right at our home my mother used to brew and sale a traditional beer . Growing in such enviroment, I experienced that pleasure was a way life. After my father passed on the situation was worsened, I could now spend nights play cards and drinking alcohol. Sometime later during Easter holiday, I was home when my friend came pick me to go and pass time at a crusade and during it, I received Christ as my Lord and saviour.

Now that I know I have eternal life, love of pleasure is all gone . The beer I used to take and the cards I played, I do them no more because I find satisfaction in God.

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