Isaac Muswala

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Isaac Muswala Family – 2021

Member Since: June 2016

Currently From: Lusaka Zambia

Bio Bullets:

  • Married to Miriam with children David, Grace and Mercy.
  • Manager of the Zambian board.
  • Pastor at Cornerstone Baptist Church.

Why I serve on ZMP:

I grew up with both parents, but God did not close my eyes to see how orphans suffer around the community. I started thinking about how I might be able to help even one orphan. In college I met Sandwell Zgambo who had a strong interest in helping minister to orphans. When he came back from US where he was furthering his studies, he shared with me his vision of ZMP. This is how i joined and it was like a prayer answered. I have enjoyed working with ZMP and am excited to see what God is doing.

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