Auction basket ideas/themes

 It’s a Date!     (Babysitting, gift cards for restaurants, movie tickets, popcorn, bowling, go-carting (or any activity that could be used for a date), and flowers)

Weekend Getaway    (Hotel Voucher, Include champagne, wine, cheese and other snacks. Plus vouchers for activities near the Hotel: Spa, tour guides, hiking/riding/cycling, etc. And a petrol Voucher for the trip)

Themed towards a specific type of pet – Cat, dog, bird, or horse, etc.    (Have a selection of pet toys, snacks, food, and a voucher for the local vet.) 

Camping Crazy!   (A simple basket with just the basics, or a high end one that includes a tent, state park sticker, and accessories.)

Pie-a-month for a year!  (Choose from classic apple, apple crumb, banana cream, coconut cream, peach, cheery, blueberry, sour cream raisin, etc.) 

Movie Night   (Movie Theatre vouchers, dvds of popular movies, popcorn, and Chocolate, etc.) 

Baby Shower    (Everything a baby and new mother will need. Pacifiers, nappy cream, sleep monitor, wet wipes, bibs, baby books, toys, baby blankets, etc.) 

Spa at Home   (Bath gels, lotions, facial kit, bathrobe, fluffy slippers, massage products, and a pedicure kit, etc.) 

Hair Affair: For hair lovers!    (Have a selection of hair care products — shampoos, conditioners, gels, hair spray, comb/brushes, and hair clips, etc.) 

Beach Bums:  Let’s have some fun in the sun!!!   (This silent auction gift basket will need sunscreen, beach towels, umbrella or beach tent, bucket and beach shovels, frisbee, snorkel and flippers, boogie boards, disposable waterproof camera, and a cooler box.) 

Car Care   (Car wash vouchers, car wash products, inner air fresheners, and seat covers, etc.) 

Golfing Galore   (There will always be golf fanatics at any auction. So put together a basket with — balls, golf tees, an umbrella, sunglasses, golfing glove, cap, golfing magazines, vouchers to local courses, and a free session with a golfing instructor, etc.)

Spectator at a Sport:   (You could have team caps, sunscreen, stadium seats, tickets to major sporting events, season tickets, box tickets, meet the team vouchers, binoculars, and supporter apparel.)

Death by Chocolate:  Yum! This one’s a real treat.   (Have an assortment of Chocolates and gourmet chocolates. Be creative and have a few rare, weird and wonderful products!)

Gourmet Coffee    (You could include a coffee machine, a variety of filter coffee packs, espresso coffee packs, milk frother, coffee plunger, and gourmet or rare coffees!)

Adrenaline Junkies  (You can be really creative with this. Think of anything that an Adrenaline Junky would do, or would use: Vouchers for sky diving, white water rafting, rollercoaster rides, horse polo lessons, etc.)

Cultural Food Baskets:  Pick a culture like Italian, Thai, Indian, or Zulu (or a few cultures, for a few different baskets)   (Create a basket of food items, jewelry, cultural books, tourist books, curios, and artwork, etc.)

Gym Junkies  (For this heavy lifting silent auction basket idea, you could use – Dumbbells, resistance bands, exercise mat, sweat towels, sweat bands, gym subscription, voucher for personal trainer session, stability ball, bosu ball, and training DVDs.)

Athlete in Training  (Similar to the above basket but with a specific sport in mind. For example, cycling — with gift cards to cycle shops, cycling helmet, spare tire tubes, pump, and bike repair kit, etc.)

Baker’s Basket:  This one is for those who love to bake!   (You could include oven gloves, flour, baking powder, choc chips, nuts, icing sugar, cocoa powder, cookie/muffin pan, recipe for ingredients in basket, and recipe book for baking, etc.)

Barbecue Blitz  (Use a barbecue as the actual basket — with tools, sauces, spices, tongs, recipe books, and 1/4 or 1/2 a beef meat vouchers.)

Potting About in the Garden    (Ideas to include in your basket — seeds, pot plants, gardening magazine subscriptions, gardening books, tools, gloves, hanging baskets, and vouchers to garden shops.)

Fresh Veggies Galore   (An assortment of fresh veggies from local gardens while in production [July – September])

Hot Air Balloon Ride 

Art Lovers  (This could include Art Museum admission ticket or pass, art work, art supplies with different types of mediums for creating your own art work.)

Back to the Future/Back in the Day/Memory Making Basket   (Ancestry pack…membership to, albums, books, antiques, etc.)

Bridal Basket  (This can include anything a bride (and groom) may need to help prepare, purchase, or prep for their upcoming wedding.)

Cookies for Kids   (Have a batch of cookies delivered to your home once a month for your children, grandchildren, or neighbors!) 

Cupcakes or Cake   (This can be a one-time auction donation, a certificate for a cake/cupcake, or a once-a-month item.  Get creative and have fun with this!) 

Family Games  (Make this a game night with tried and true family games that bring life-long memories to all, snackage, and maybe passes to local bowling allies, Big Apple etc.)

Fun in the Snow  (Sleds are always a hot  item (relatively speaking).  Snow ball makers, hot chocolate, winter water-proof gear are all great items for this basket!)

Harry Potter Theme  (Maybe the complete Harry Potter set, different memorabilia, etc.)

Chronicles of Narnia  (Same idea as Harry Potter)

Horsing Around   (Horse back riding or camp voucher)

Off to College/Graduation Basket Gift set  (Graduation is coming up!  Gift cards to fast food restaurants , iTunes gift cards, rolls of quarters, postcards to mail back home for homemade cookies, towels, laundry detergent, etc.)

Picnic Basket   (State Park Sticker, picnic baskets, an assortment of non-perishable items, and gift  card to grocery store for food for picnic)

Sci Fi Guy  (Anything Sci Fi movie, book, or theme)

Hallmark Movie Fans  (Maybe a Janette Oke book set, movie sets such as, “When Calls the Heart,”  or “Love Comes Softly Series.”)

Scrapbooking Deluxe  (Paid Scrapbooking weekend……, totes, supplies, gift cards, etc.)

Spicy Hot Food Lovers Basket  (Maybe some salsa, special recipe book, some food items that pair well with spicy items, restaurant gift cards, etc.)

Star Wars Fan Basket  (Movie collection set, posters, themed items, etc.)

Musician Basket  (Tickets to a musical/opera, CD’s, iTunes Gift Cards, easy-to-learn instrument(s) )

The Woodwork Shop Basket  (Volunteer your woodwork finishing skills, an item you’ve created/built, tools for woodworking, etc.)

Skiing n’ slopes basket  (Ski lift tickets, condo vouchers, travel basket (snacks, books, games for the trek to the slopes)

Weekend Getaway  (Voucher for a trip to a special destination.  This can be within driving distance.  Or, get creative!  Anything that can help with the trip to the destination are great added bonuses!  snacks, books, magazines, games, gas gift cards, fast food gift cards, etc.